As of October 2017 TU Delft has taken over funding for the Geothermal Engineering chair. Initially paid for by a large number of Geoscience & Engineering alumni the research chair went on to become a great success in the first four years of its existence.

On the occasion of the transfer on October 25 of this year, Duco Drenth, one of the founders of the chair, presented professor David Bruhn with a cheque for 7,500 euros, the remainder of the amount raised by the alumni.
Part of the money will go towards an annual prize to be awarded to the best MSc and BSc theses in Geothermal Engineering, beginning in 2018.

‘The initial preparations for the chair began in November 2011. It is wonderful to see that now, after four years of de facto ‘occupation’, the university powers that be have admitted that Geothermal Engineering is a technologically viable discipline worthy of a place in the curriculum of an ‘institute’ such as TU Delft,’ Drenth said.

‘The great thing is that there will be scope for an intensive ‘cross fertilisation’ at TU Delft between Geothermal Engineering and faculties such as Building Sciences, Mechanical Engineering and Technology Administration because Geothermal Engineering requires an integral approach in order to create an efficient and effective heating system. A good example of this is the projected construction of the so-called ‘Warmterotonde’ which covers Rotterdam, Leiden and The Hague, and, at a later stage, Delft. I’m sure the alumni who made the chair possible and the other parties involved (DAP/ Delft Aardwarmte Project, DEI/Delft Energy Initiative, the KIVI Mining Engineering department and the Universiteitsfonds Delft) will join me in looking back over the last four years with a feeling of proud satisfaction!’