How an EWI student will make football fairer

News - 27 November 2017

Vinay Balaji is a master student at the EEMCS faculty at TU Delft. A counter goal from his favourite football club Chelsea brought him the idea of ‘Virtual Referee’.

"At the beginning of this year, I saw Chelsea lose a match due to an unfairly awarded goal to the opponent," Vinay says. "While the supporters around me cursed the referee, I got the idea for ‘Virtual Referee’. A technology that helps the referee and makes football fairer."

Cyber-physical system
Virtual Referee is a cyber-physical system that consists of sensors on the ball, the field and the players. Special  machine algorithms make it possible to communicate  precise movements during the game. Offside or a penalty is no longer a human estimate, but an accurate and quickly calculated ascertainment. Technology helps the referee to make the right decision.

Test set-up
Vinay has now further developed his idea in such a way that he can graduate on this subject. Yet, for his Master’s thesis, Vinay must demonstrate this in practice. With a test set-up in which football players, equipped with sensors, simulate game situations. A set-up that he unfortunately cannot afford.

For his test set-up Vinay needs:

  • 25 High precision GPS modules
  • 25 Triple Axis Accelerometers
  • 25 TI wireless MCU’s
  • 25 Magnetic Strips and hall effect sensors
  • Base station

Will you help Vinay to make this possible?
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