House and Tower at ZigZagCity

News - 07 June 2018 - Communication BK

From 9 to 24 June, the ZigZagPavilion will serve as an urban marker at the architecture festival ZigZagCity in Rotterdam. Master students of the Chair of Interiors Buildings Cities designed and built the two-part pavilion. The archetypical figures of house and tower were inspired by the Rotterdam skyline, creating a temporary urban settlement within the everyday city.

The two-part pavilion of House and Tower was derived from the Rotterdam skyline, in which one often finds high-rise towers rising up behind gabled townhouses. Take for example the site of the pavilion, the Wijkpark Oude Westen. The pavilion itself also acts as an urban marker for the festival. The Tower is turned at an angle and pushed forward towards the street, making the festival present within the city. The House reflects the theme of ZigZagCity: ‘Straatkijken / Binnenkijken’. The Straatkijkers (viewers looking out from the street) along the festival route address the public life on the streets of Rotterdam West, while the House responds to the theme of Binnenkijken (looking in). The House suggests a domestic interior within the Wijkpark Oude Westen and offers visitors and neighbours seating and shade. Together, the House and the Tower create a temporary urban settlement within the forecourt of the Wijkpark Oude Westen, a festive moment within the everyday city.

Students: Bjorn van Dijk, Camilla Ceccacci, Dennis Musalim, Emilia Golebiewska, Eunkyu Hong, Eva ten Velden, Jack Petch, Junyi Zuo, Linn Opsahl, Mary Lou van den Berg, Matthew Riches, Nikolas Kourtis, Samuel Goma Garcia-Ganges, Sebastiaan Brouwer, Trang Phan.

Tutors: Anne Geenen, Sereh Mandias.Plan your visit to the festival here