Keys to improving project strategies

News - 14 June 2018 - Communication BK

Over the years, the service delivery of architects has changed. Marina Bos-de Vos investigated the role of architectural firms in the value chain and how firms create and capture value while enacting various professional roles. In her PhD-research, she concludes that awareness of different values is necessary for better project strategies of architectural firms.

Bos-de Vos: "We know a lot about how organisations co-create value, but very little is known about how creative professionals capture value. My research shows that architectural firms negotiate four types of professional roles to pursue their objectives: an initiator role, a specialist role, an integrator role, or a role as product developer. Since actors who are involved in projects have different views on what the professional expertise of the architect is worth, architectural firms often make concessions, both financially and with regard to use value. There is too little awareness of the fact that the creation and appropriation of multiple values is part of daily project work. Dealing consciously with the different kinds of values and how they relate to each other can help firms to achieve better project strategies. The futurA board game that has been developed as part of my research helps architects and other creative professionals to get a better grip on the complex web of relationships between different values and to discuss this with each other, with the client and with co-creation partners."

Thesis defence Marina de Vos
19 June 2018 15:00 - Aula TU Delft