Deltacongres 2018

News - 09 November 2018 - Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

On the first of November, the ninth edition of the delta congress took place in Zwolle. At the congress it was busier than ever.

On the 3rd of September it was ten years ago that the Second Delta Committee, led by Cees Veerman, gave advice to the Cabinet. The Cabinet adopted the advice and that led to the introduction of the 'Deltawet', 'Deltaprogramma', 'Deltafonds' en 'deltacommissaris'. In Zwolle the Veerman Commission was almost completely present to celebrate the anniversary.

Also, it was time to say goodbye to Wim Kuijken, who is retiring. And of course to greet the new Delta Commissioner: Peter Glas, who will take over on 1 January 2019.

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From left to right: Marcel Stive, Louise Fresco, Jaap van Duin, Andries Heidema, Tracy Metz, Ineke Bakker, Koos van Oord, Bart Parmet and Jos van Alphen. Cees Veerman and Pavel Kabat are missing.