MIT students visit The Netherlands

News - 10 June 2018 - Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

A group of MIT professors and students visited The Netherlands last February, and were introduced to Dutch flood risk reduction structures and strategies by Tjerk Zitman and Baukje Kothuis during a week of field trips. 

One of the assignments of this educational program (called Terrascope) was to produce a radio story about the way the Dutch cope with the threat of flooding.

The 18 mins story gives a quite interesting perspective on this topic; you can listen to it here.

The Pacifica Radio Network has decided to include the students' story in one of their most popular shows, "Sprouts: Radio from the Grassroots". It is distributed nationwide in the week of July 2, and broadcast by various stations in the weeks after that; the show typically reaches between 50 and 100 college, community and public radio stations around the U.S.