The Project Moonshot was introduced at CJIB headquarters in Leeuwarden on the 23rd of November.

News - 29 November 2018

In September 2018 the Central Fine Collection Agency (CJIB) started the researchproject “Moonshot” in association with TU Delft (Zeki Erkin ), Dutch Blockchain Coalition (Marloes Pomp, Koen Hartog) and Ledger Leopard.

The reason for the start of this project is the need to know from the beginning of the fine collection process if a person is not capable to pay his debt. To avoid that these, often vulnerable, persons are forced in a position which makes their financial situation even worse. Information about their negative financial situation is mostly available within the Dutch government. But organizations are not allowed to exchange this information by privacy law. And so, although there is a way to protect the civilians, the organizations are not allowed tho use it.

This is the CJIB-case. The urge to exchange information without violating the privacy, is however an important and widely shared topic within the Dutch government. That is also the case for the wish to make civilians director of their own data: the possibility to have access to information about themselves and the possibility to decide for themselves for which purposes information may be used. 
So although this project is based on a CJIB-case, the target (moonshot) is to design it for the whole government and the Dutch citizens. 

The central question is: is it possible to design a way, using the advantages of blockchain and zero knowledge proof, to enable a person to give permission to an organization to share information with another organization? 
A way in which the citizen has overview of his goverment data and owns the key of the lock. He can decide if, when and with who he wants to share his information. 

The project is funded by the Innovation-team of the Ministry of Justice.