The Delft Power System Protection Centre received a NWO grant

News - 07 February 2018 - Communication

The TU Delft Power System Protection Centre (PSPC), under leadership of Marjan Popov (Department Electrical Sustainable Energy), has received a NWO grant for research on ‘Resilient Synchromeasurement-based Grid Protection Platform’. The research will be performed in close cooperation with the industrial partners of PSPC who all actively support the research. These partners are: Alliander, TenneT, GE, Enduris, Stedin and VSL. 

About the research

Low, medium and high voltage networks present different kind of disturbances, which may result in power swings causing unnecessary protection operation or failure of components. The main goal of this project is to find the cause of disturbance in the power system and to apply corrective measures, so that the system continues its operation without the interruption of power supply.

"This project plays a significant part in our research directed at tackling energy related societal challenges and thus contributes to the energy transition”, according to Miro Zeman.


For more information about this topic, read the interview ‘Stroom onder spanning’ (in Dutch) with Marjan Popov at the website of NWO.

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