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News - 11 April 2018 - Communication

In 2015, a new journal was launched: the Dutch Journal of Positive Psychology. The editor-in-chief invited Prof. Pieter Desmet of the faculty of IDE (TU Delft) to contribute with a recurring column that reflects on the question of how design can contribute to the field of positive psychology. The Positive Design booklet presents the first ten columns published since 2015 and is available for free.

In his columns, Pieter discusses examples of Positive Design design cases that focus on human flourishing by students of the faculty of IDE. These columns aim to convey the students’ contagious enthusiasm. Some of the design cases focus on individuals, others on groups. Some help us to rediscover our talents, some support us in forming meaningful relationships, and others enable us to invest in the happiness of ourselves and of the people we care about.

Curious to read more? Both the booklet ‘Positive Design - Delft students design for our well-being’ (in English) and the original Dutch columns can be downloaded for free via Studiolab.

Positive design: Delft students design for our well-being

Desmet, P.M.A.
ISBN: 978 94 6186 912 8
Available in pdf

Published in 2018