The Walsh-Weston Award for papers Ling Xia and Sylvia Pont

News - 20 June 2018

Former IDE PhD student (CSC fellow) Ling Xia and IDE professor Sylvia Pont have received the Walsh-Weston Award for two papers from The Society of Light and Lighting. The papers are published in the journal Lighting Research and Technology in 2017.

Ling and Sylvia wrote the papers together with Ingrid Heynderickx from Eindhoven University of Technology. They received the award because they provided the best contribution on lighting fundamentals in the journal Lighting Research & Technology in 2017, according to the committee. This journal is the most prestigious international publication in this field. About seventy papers were eligible for the award.

Background information:
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About the papers
The papers offer theory, understanding and a practical approach to dealing with the complex spatial distribution of light in 3D environments that support innovative, perception-based light design. The first paper concerns a paper on the (umbrella) theory behind and metrics for the diffuseness of light, in which Ling and Sylvia derived how the definition of diffuseness fits into a complete description of light in a space, which they tested through numerical simulations in a model.
Light diffuseness metric Part 1

The second paper describes how the diffuseness can be measured, it gives a laser cutting template so that everyone can recreate Ling and Sylvia’s device, and it shows how to conduct and visualise those measurements for large spaces.
Light diffuseness metric, Part 2