Awards for Service Roadmaps designed for Ultimaker

News - 14 November 2018 - Communication
SPD master's students Lynn Reichenfeld, Allison Sparks, Yan Liu, Fon Panyapatiphan and Chenjing Liu won the first prize during the final presentations of the Design Roadmapping course for Ultimaker. They designed the best roadmap in terms of content.

The students win a VIP tour and a presentation in the boardroom of Ultimaker. Merijn Neeleman, Global Head or Portfolio Development at Ultimaker awarded the prize.

Merijn and his innovation board visited the faculty for the final presentations of the top five teams of the Design Roadmapping course. The SVP Product management, the Marketing Director, the Service portfolio manager and the Service, Learning support and UX designers were also part of the delegation. They all gained inspiration for services they would like to make reality and they were also able to give some last feedback to the teams for their final report.

Since Ultimaker's launch in 2007, the company has shown unprecedented growth and today can call itself the world market leader in Desktop 3D Printing (3DP). In just 10 years, the organisation has grown from three entrepreneurial students to a staff of over 400, and it is still growing. Within the context of this growth, Merijn had a challenging project: to make 3D printing more widely accessible and to eliminate the complex knowledge barrier that precedes 3D printing by producing a service roadmap containing new service propositions. No fewer than 24 teams, with a total of 118 Strategic Product Design students, took up the challenge. The top five teams were invited to give a final presentation to the Ultimaker delegation.

Design Roadmapping award
The presentation of the Design Roadmapping award also took place during this event. The Design Roadmapping award - formerly the Jan Buijs award - has been awarded since the founding of the Design Roadmapping course to the best visualised and most challenging roadmap. This year's award went to SPD master's students Hannah Vear, Puck Veelenturf, Chong Yin, Yiwen Zhang and Robert Veljačić. The prize, a book, was presented by their lecturer Lianne Simonse.

Thanks to all the lecturers who made this course possible: Zuzanna Skalska, Deborah Nas, Zenja Doubrovski, Bart Blueming, Ehsan Baha en Nick Sturkenboom and student assistant Roël Tibosch.

Design Roadmapping

Lianne Simonse
ISBN: 978 90 6369 459 3

Published in 2018