Tessa Dekkers and Marijke Melles research patient experience during outpatient surgeries

News - 29 November 2018 - Communication
The number of outpatient surgeries, where patients do not have to stay in hospital overnight, is increasing. All activities of such surgeries take place within one day. The entire patient process before, during and after surgery is also called the perioperative process. A group of researchers and students of Industrial Design Engineering (TU Delft) and doctors of Erasmus MC, Reinier de Graaf and Xpert Clinic looked into perioperative patient experiences during outpatient hand and wrist surgeries.

PhD candidate Tessa Dekkers and assistant professor Marijke Melles of IDE contributed to this research. Their joint article ‘The perioperative patient experience of hand and wrist surgical patients: An exploratory study using patient journey mapping’ was recently published in the Patient Experience Journal (PXJ)

Image by Matthijs Kan and Lana Klok

Several student teams charted the patient journey of forty people. A lot of patients experienced feelings of insecurity, reassurance by medical staff and a general lack of information during the entire process. During the operation itself patients reported feelings of acceptance and curiosity. After surgery they mainly experienced relief. The article offers recommendations for hospitals on how to facilitate positive experiences and how to resolve negative experiences in outpatient surgery.

“This research shows that the models of ‘user experience’ we have come to know at IDE can also be applied to patient experiences”, says Tessa Dekkers. “It’s also quite special that this article was written with student Else de Ridder (TU Delft faculty 3mE), who participated in the elective of the Medesign programma at IDE. This article was a genuine collaboration between researchers, doctors and students.”
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