Anne van Lieren IDE nominee for Best Graduate TU Delft 2018

News - 10 October 2018 - Communication
Each academic year the Delft University Fund awards the prize for the Best Graduate of TU Delft. Each faculty is asked to nominate their best graduate. Anne van Lieren has been nominated by IDE this year. The final announcement of the winner is on Tuesday 6 November.

Anne completed her master’s degree in Strategic Product Design. For her thesis, she focussed on the concept of nudging, a psychological construct that proposes positive reinforcement and indirect suggestions as ways to influence the behaviour of individuals. In her thesis, Anne summarised and classified the majority of more than a hundred known nudging techniques.

Anne used this concept to develop a theoretical framework and toolkit. The theoretical framework has been further developed in a research paper that Anne presented at a major international conference on design research. Anne also managed to design a real usable service design toolkit, which was tested with real clients and proved to be a very usable solution to help designers in developing meaningful and positive behavioural change. She received an impressive 9.5 for her thesis. The title of her thesis is: The rational override; influencing behaviour beyond nudging - A service design approach towards creating behavioural interventions’.

 “Anne took great care to communicate her work in a highly understandable and engaging (visual) language. An additional proof that she is a real designer.” (graduation committee Prof. Jan Schoormans, associate prof. Giulia Calabretta and Lavrans Løvlie)
More information on Anne's graduation project

TU Delft Best Graduate 2018 Award Ceremony
The Best Graduate award 2018 will be awarded at the academic ceremony ‘the Best of TU Delft’ in the Aula on Tuesday 6 November (16:00). The eight best graduates will give a short presentation on their thesis during the ceremony. All eight graduates will receive a medal and an amount of € 1,000. The winner will receive an additional € 2,500. You are welcome to join the ceremony.
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