Elvin Karana wins € 2500 for bioengineering project

News - 05 September 2018
Delft Bioengineering Insitute has awarded Elvin Karana (faculty of IDE) and Marie-Eve Aubin-Tam ( Bionanoscience Department of Applied Sciences) with € 2500 for a graduation project on design applications for new biomaterial. The collaboration was initiated at BioDate 2018: a networking event for Principal Investigators who are interested in bioengineering. Elvin and Marie-Eve are currently looking for an IDE student who will execute the project.

About the project
Adaptive resilience: Towards consumer products which can become tougher and stiffer in use through bacterial coatings

Marie-Eve has been developing a nacre-like biomaterial using bacteria strains S. pasteurii and Bacillus licheniformis. At the faculty of IDE, Elvin is one the minds behind Material Driven Design: a method for the further development of new materials and finding applications for them. In this BioDate graduation project, a student from IDE will explore the design application potential of nacre-like coatings made by bacteria.

Fifteen projects
Delft Bioengineering Institute has awarded fifteen bioengineering projects in total, resulting from BioDate 2018.
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Elvin Karana talking to Jules van Lier (CEG) during BioDate 2018