New book ‘Interactive Media for Sustainability’ available

News - 12 September 2018 - Communication
The new book ‘Interactive Media for Sustainability’ of IDE assistant prof. Roy Bendor has recently been published. The book argues that how we understand sustainability, and therefore may take action on it, is mediated by the technologies we use to engage with it.

Interactive Media for Sustainability presents a conceptually rich, critical account of the design and use of interactive technologies to engage the public with sustainability. Treating interactive technologies as forms of mediation, the book argues that these technologies advance multiple understandings of sustainability. At stake are the ways sustainability encodes the complexity of interrelated social and natural systems, and how it conveys the malleability of the future.

The book’s argument is anchored in a diverse set of theoretical resources that include contemporary work in human-computer interaction (HCI), social theory, media studies, and the philosophy of technology, and is animated by a variety of examples, including interactive simulations, persuasive apps, digital games, art installations, and decision-support tools.

The culmination of about a decade of research on the subject, the book is interdisciplinary in nature (mixes social theory and case studies), and will be useful for designers who seek to engage with the social and cultural dimensions of sustainability. 

Are you interested? The book is available through Palgrave and on Amazon.