Start Thermo Tokyo project

News - 05 September 2018
Monday 3 September, the kick-off meeting of the ‘Thermo Tokyo: Beat the Heat’ project was held in Papendal. In this project research institutes, including the faculty of IDE (TU Delft), companies and sports organisations jointly cooperate to prepare the athletes of TeamNL to the extreme climate conditions in Tokyo summer during the Olympic Games.

The temperatures and humidity will be that high that the human body cannot cool by radiation or transpiration with performance loss as a result. At the Emerging Materials group of IDE, researchers and students will jointly design cooling garments and test them on their effectiveness (together with the other partners). For this we are currently looking for motivated graduation students.

In this project three universities (Radboudumc, Vrije Universiteit, TU Delft), one university of applied sciences (HAN), four companies (myTemp, Sizing Science, Inuteq, Magic Marine), seven sports organisations (NOC*NSF, KNZB, KNWU, NTB, KNHB, Atletiekunie, Watersportverbond) and four national Sportinnovator centers (Papendal / Topsport Expertise & Innovation Centre Limburg / Sailing Innovation Center / TU Delft) cooperate. The joint objective is to allow safe and optimal performance for Olympic and Paralympic athletes exercising in the heat.

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