Mark Voskuijl, Marlie Koekenberg and even more aviation in Portraits of Science

News - 13 February 2018

Mark Voskuijl and alumna Marlie Koekenberg are included in this year’s TU Delft Portraits of Science, an annual online magazine with stories from excellent researchers, students and support staff. Mark was interviewed about the three European Horizon 2020 projects on sustainable aviation in which he participates. Marlie tells about her experiences with people from Delft as a member of the faculty Advisory Council and as a participant in the faculty Mentor Alumni Programme. And there’s even more on aviation in the Portraits of Science: Sicco Santema, Katinka Bergema and Suzanne Hiemstra at Industrial Design Engineering explain their PASSME project: how to reduce journey time during flight journeys within Europe.  

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