Research-Drone Operations Certificate For MavLab

News - 08 January 2019

The MAVLab performed the first drone test-flight under its brand new full Research-Drone Operations Certificate.

To fly drones non-recreationally, companies in the Netherlands must comply with aviation law which requires them to have a certificate, called a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Operator Certificate or ROC, that guarantees that their operations are well-managed and safe.

The MavLab has been flying for many years under restricted certificates or with exemptions but they obtained a full RPAS certificate this year. And their certificate is unique in that it is one of the first to allow research on the unmanned aircraft itself (not just the application.)

Normal certificates have various restrictions, including registering new drones (a process which can take months), re-certifying drones after any modifications and only allowing certified pilots to touch the controls. These are onerous restrictions for a research facility which is constantly modifying and developing new drones with teams of students. The certificate for MavLab allows them to engage in many of these activities and will apply to the entire Faculty.