News - 08 November 2018 - Webredactie

On Thursday October 10th, the first national Alliance on Artificial Intelligence in Europe (ALLAI) Netherlands was officially launched at the mainstage of the WorldSummit AI in Amsterdam. ALLAI NL is committed to achieving Responsible AI. The founders ALLAI Netherlands are all Dutch members of the High Level Expert Group on AI van de Europese Commissie, Catelijne Muller, Aimee van Wynsberghe en Virginia Dignum.

Involving stakeholders
It is important to manage the developments of Artificial Intelligence, not only from a technical perspective but also specifically from an economical, societal and ethical perspective. To achieve this a holistic approach of AI is needed, involving all relevant stakeholders: policy-makers, industry, the social partners, consumers, NGOs, educational and care institutions, and experts and academics from various disciplines. (ALLAI) Nederland aims to facilitate this approach.

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