TPM launches HumTech Lab

News - 28 February 2018 - Webredactie

The Humanitarian Technology (or “HumTech”) Lab brings together students and researchers who contribute their expertise to design, develop, implement, and evaluate new technologies for humanitarian aid. Through this initiative, HumTech Lab aims to bring technology-driven, evidence-based solutions to humanitarian aid and disaster relief operations. As a cross-faculty initiative at the Delft University of Technology, HumTech Lab uses the available experience in policy analysis, multi-actor systems, information management, resilience, logistics, and other domains, to improve preparedness for and response to natural and complex disasters. The Lab leads a variety of national and international projects focusing on the role of technology in disasters. HumTech actively works with students from the various master’s programmes at the TU Delft to address research challenges within the humanitarian-technology nexus.
More information about the HumTech Lab is available here.