Art from wastewater at the Dutch Design Week

News - 19 October 2018 - Communication TNW

This week, three young designers and the Dutch water boards present Dutch Design made from 'Kaumera'. Kaumera is a new raw material that can be extracted from wastewater by means of the Nereda wastewater treatment process, which was developed in part by TU Delft. All three artists found a different application for the versatile raw material: in porcelain, textiles and woodwork. During the Dutch Design Week, from 20 to 28 October, the exhibition can be seen in the Veemgebouw (stand EFGF). 

The designers and water boards, working together in the Energy and Raw Materials Factory (EFGF), want to draw attention to the importance of a world with as little waste as possible and as many recyclable raw materials as possible.

In 2019, the Netherlands will be the first country in the world to extract Kaumera NeredaĀ® Gum (formerly NEO alginate) from wastewater. Waterboard Rijn en IJssel, Waterboard Vallei en Veluwe, TU Delft, Royal HaskoningDHV and the Foundation for Applied Research on Water Management (STOWA) are working together to investigate, extract, valorise and market this sustainable raw material. The first Kaumera raw materials factory is currently being built in Zutphen. One will also be built in Epe.

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Kaumera means 'chameleon' in Maori. The name reflects the versatility of the material. By combining Kaumera with other materials, their properties can be altered. Kaumera is a strengthener and a binder. It is water repellent and water absorbent. As a result, the raw material can be used in agriculture, concrete and the paper industry. The designers have now also discovered other applications. The material offers possibilities for processing for ceramics, textiles and wood, for instance.

Dutch Design Week Eindhoven is a large design event with more than 2,600 designs and concepts and more than 335,000 visitors. The Dutch Design Week will be held in Eindhoven from Saturday 20 October to 28 October 2018.