Between 21 May and 1 June 2018 RID hosted the first ‘Joint Purdue University – TU Delft Data Mining in Engineering Summer School’. 15 US students from Purdue University joined 20 students from TU Delft for a series of lectures on the recent advances in big data analytics, machine learning, dimensionality reduction, uncertainty quantification and statistical interference techniques. All of this under the umbrella of data mining, and their applications in engineering problems. Dr. Hany Abdel-Khalik and Dr. Zoltán Perkó (TNW-RST) organised this Summer School with the help of Dr. Martin van Gijzen (EWI), Dr. Marco Loog (EWI) and Dr. Arnold Heemink (EWI). The school was the first in what is planned to be a yearly recurring event. The objective is to promote the intuitive understanding and the appropriate use of the latest data mining methodologies for the further enhancement of all aspects of engineering solutions.

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