Delft Vision on Integrity

News - 01 October 2018 - Communication

How do we address our responsibilities towards each other and to society? It is important that we remain in consultation on this issue and take any necessary action. This is why the TU Delft Executive Board approved the ‘Vision on Integrity 2018-2024’ on 25 September 2018. This vision builds on the existing integrity policy, including the Code of Ethics and the Strategic Framework 2018-2024.

The vision contains a set of principles that apply to everyone at TU Delft, a proposal for a revised infrastructure for existing and new initiatives concerning integrity, and four working agendas. These working agendas encompass a broad range of plans for updating the Code of Ethics and increasing staff and student awareness, for example. Four working groups will be appointed, tasked with determining what exactly is going to happen, and when. 

Tim van der Hagen, Rector Magnificus/Chair of the Executive Board, is very proud of the vision as it currently stands: ‘It is important that we continue to talk about what we mean by academic integrity and about how we can treat each other with respect at TU Delft. This vision will help students and staff to keep this discussion ongoing’. 

Sabine Roeser, Professor of Ethics at the Faculty of TPM and Chair of the committee that developed the Vision – the Committee for the Reassessment of Integrity Policy – emphasises its importance: “Integrity policy and ethics are only of real value if they are discussed and if they play a role in daily work or study.” Roeser believes that we have already achieved a great deal at TU Delft with regard to integrity policy. However, right now all of the initiatives, policy documents and regulations form a somewhat confusing jumble. A significant starting point of the vision is to turn this jumble into a coherent whole that is always up to date and accessible, ready to help students and staff as needed. 

Dutch Code of Conduct for Academic Integrity 
Compliance with the obligations outlined in the new Netherlands Code of Conduct for Research Integrity was taken into account when developing the vision. The new Code of Conduct comes into effect on 1 October 2018. 

A wide range of discussions at TU Delft provided the input for a draft version of the vision. This draft version was addressed during a major working conference on 4 July 2018, to which all members of the TU Delft community (academic and support staff, as well as students) were invited. The committee finalised the vision on integrity by incorporating feedback offered during the conference, and this vision was subsequently approved by the Executive Board.

For more information, please see the web page on the integrity policy.