ERC Consolidator grant for Chirlmin Joo and Pouyan Boukany

News - 04 December 2018 - Communication

This year, two ERC Consolidator grants have been awarded to TU Delft researchers. Pouyan Boukany wants to learn when, how and why metastatic tumour cells detach form a tumour. Chirlmin Joo wants to develop a new gene editing tool based on a system found in a single-celled organism.

Below is a summary of the projects:

Researcher: Dr. Pouyan Boukany, faculty of AS, Chemical Engineering
Project title: FANCY: Flow and Deformation of Cancer tumours near Yielding
Funding: €2.000.000,-

Researcher: Dr. Chirlmin Joo, faculty of AS, Bionanoscience
Project title: MIGHTY RNA: Repurposing Small RNA from Ciliates for Genome Editing
Funding: €1.800.000,-

For a full description of the two projects, please visit the website of the Faculty of Applied Sciences