Gas turbines: vital for the transition to renewable energy sources

News - 11 December 2018 - Communication

Gas turbines are mainly known as the jet engines that are used to propel aircraft. But they are also the workhorses in the huge power plants that supply electricity to our factories and houses. At TU Delft, researchers in the faculties of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering are working on this subject. The teaching and research on gas turbines at TU Delft is so important to industry in the Netherlands that it is being partially funded by the Foundation for Gas Turbine Education SGO, part of the Dutch Gas Turbine Association (DGTA). On Friday 7 December the deans of the two faculties signed an agreement to extend the collaboration between TU Delft, SGO and the InHolland University of Applied Sciences. TU Delft researchers Sikke Klein (Process & Energy), Piero Colonna and Wilfried Visser (Aerodynamics, Wind Energy, Flight Performance & Propulsion) explain why gas turbines are a vital component in the transition to a renewable energy mix.

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