Metrology institute NMi relocates to TU Delft Campus

News - 03 July 2018 - Communication

This summer, metrology institute NMi will relocate to the TU Delft Campus. The company – which specialises in testing, certifying and training in the field of metrology – will move into the building on Thijsseweg. Located on the southern part of the campus, the building is also home to the VSL standards laboratory.

The arrival of NMi means that all Dutch expertise regarding conducting reliable measurements will now be under one roof. VSL is a standards laboratory focused on the management and development of scientific standards, while NMi concentrates on the practical applicability: testing and certifying a range of measurement devices such as gas meters, petrol pumps, scales and so forth. The relocation therefore results in the creation of a national metrology hotspot in Delft.

The building on Thijsseweg previously housed TU Delft’s former Geodesy Department, and therefore features several advantages. It is situated in a quiet location and is supported by additional foundation piles, which means it is less susceptible to interruptions or vibrations: important considerations for an institute that has to conduct precise measurements. Several of VSL’s high-tech laboratories are located on the ground floor. These laboratories will be complemented with the NMi research facilities.

Nicoly Vermeulen, member of the TU Delft Executive Board: “We are delighted that NMi is relocating to the TU Delft Campus. Measurements and metrology play an important role in the research conducted by TU Delft, which makes NMi a valuable partner for collaboration. An increasing number of technological companies are setting up shop on the campus and entering into partnerships with TU Delft. This allows us to accelerate the process of translating technological expertise developed at the university into new products, activities and jobs.”

Alderman Bas Vollebregt is also pleased with the arrival of NMi: “They are a good match for the high-tech sector in Delft. It is great that they will share a building with VSL, allowing them to draw on each other’s expertise: an outstanding combination. This is a fine example of the fruitful collaboration between TU Delft and the Municipality of Delft, an area in which my predecessor Ferrie Förster played an essential role on behalf of the municipal authorities.”

Fabienne van Booma-de Smit, on behalf of NMi: “We are looking forward to relocating to Delft. Not only because we are moving into new, up-to-date offices and state-of-the-art laboratories, but also because we are keen to be close to the technical colleges and universities, close to the latest technological developments. Together with VSL, we also form a national metrology hotspot, allowing us to collaborate to offer students challenging internships and graduation projects.”

The more than 80 employees at NMi’s current location in Dordrecht will be relocated in phases. The initial NMi teams will move into the building on Thijsseweg early this month, and the rest will follow in the subsequent months. The relocation is expected to be completed by the end of October.

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For more information about the relocation of NMi to the TU Delft Campus, please contact:
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