ABB sets up business on TU Delft Campus

Technology group building new complex for rapid charging system R&D

News - 02 October 2018

DELFT, 2 October 2018 - Technology firm ABB is to set up business in Delft on the TU Delft Campus. The Swedish-Swiss electronics group is building a high-tech, sustainable complex at Heertjeslaan to house the headquarters and research department of the EV Charging Infrastructure product group.

The department engaged in the development and marketing of electric vehicle charging systems is still located in Rijswijk, but the building has become too small because of the growing market for electric transportation. The group has decided on a completely new building, to meet several specific requirements. For example, it needs to be big enough for an entire public transport bus to drive inside for tests on the charging system.

Stephan Husi, CFO ABB Benelux: “We are happy that ABB invests in the Netherlands an acknowledges this location as the global R&D centre. We want to be close to talent and work with the university. The location is advantageous too: close to the motorway, with good public transport connections and nearby to national airport Schiphol and Rotterdam The Hague Airport.”

ABB is having a new complex built to house its R&D for electric vehicle charging systems. The building will be fitted with ABB's latest technology, and the testing areas will be big enough for a public transport bus to drive inside.

Delft University of Technology and the municipality are pleased that ABB is coming to Delft. Nicoly Vermeulen, member of the TU Delft Executive Board: "We are proud that a leading company like ABB has decided to set up business on the TU Delft Campus. We share ABB's goal to contribute to the future of sustainable mobility with their technology. TU Delft sees plenty of opportunities for collaboration, with our researchers and in the field labs where we test new modes of electric transport. The arrival of ABB will also further strengthen the TU Delft Campus as a technology ecosystem where businesses and knowledge institutions work together on groundbreaking innovations." 

I am very happy with the arrival of ABB and am convinced that Delft will make an excellent seedbed for this fine company. This is an example of the kind of business that we want to see in Delft, because high-tech companies provide jobs at all levels. Delft is a top technology location in the broadest sense. That makes ABB and Delft a good match, one that will benefit both the company and the people of Delft

Bas Vollebregt, Alderman for Economy for the Municipality of Delft

The new building will house about 90 ABB employees. The complex will mainly be used for research on and the development of electric vehicle charging systems. It will also house simulators and environmental rooms where the charging stations can be tested under all weather conditions. The climate-neutral building will be fitted with ABB's latest technological innovations. Construction work on the complex has already begun and it is expected to open in June 2019.

Read here the interview with Dennis Brouwer, Local Product Group Manager at ABB.


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