Andrzej Stankiewicz steps down and DPTI charts new course

News - 11 March 2019 - Webredactie 3ME

Andrzej Stankiewicz is stepping down as director of the TU Delft Process Technology Institute (DPTI) in June 2019. The executive board will announce his departure this month. Having led the institute for seven years, it is now time for Stankiewicz to hand over his role as director to someone else. Ruud van Ommen has been appointed the new director starting 1 January 2019. The official ceremony will take place during the annual DPTI event in June, where Ruud van Ommen will officially pick up the baton and outline DPTI’s new course.

Andrzej Stankiewicz is professor of intensified reaction and separation systems at the Department of Process & Energy. At DPTI, Stankiewicz played a crucial role in building a network for process technologists in the Netherlands and Europe, and he was one of the pioneers in the area of process intensification. His efforts as director of DPTI have helped to increase recognition of the field of process technology in the QS Ranking, attract a variety of inspiring and international speakers to Delft, and intensify collaboration between the different departments. With over forty years of industrial and academic research under his belt, Stankiewicz is considered a heavyweight in the field. He is the author of various publications on process intensification, chemical reaction engineering and industrial catalysis. As a result, he has left a clear mark on the teaching of process technology.

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DPTI’s new direction

With the appointment of Ruud van Ommen, DPTI is charting a new course for the coming period. While in the past eight years DPTI concentrated on positioning and the external visibility of process technology in Delft, as well as collaboration between the three departments that it set up, it will now move into the future with a fresh focus. DPTI will rejuvenate its ranks with a new and young management team, where responsibilities will be shared among the various team members and the chair will be rotated every three years.

Ruud van Ommen:

‘The aim is to transform DPTI into a research incubator where we can develop pioneering lines of research and build a broader TU Delft process technology community. We want to provide young researchers with a home base, so they can meet fellow researchers and work in a multidisciplinary context.’


DPTI was established in January 2012 by nineteen professors from Delft working on process technology in the Departments of Process & Energy, Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, with the aim of reinforcing the coherence and collaboration between the process technology researchers working at TU Delft and those working elsewhere in the Netherlands and abroad.