Nomination 2019 Maritime Designer Award

News - 26 September 2019 - Webredactie 3ME

Agnieta Habben Jansen, PhD student at the Department of Maritime and Transportation Technology, has been nominated for the 2019 Maritime Designer Award for her research ‘Vulnerability reduction of distributed systems’. This nomination means the maritime PhD student stands a chance to win up to €24,000 to further develop her design method.

Agnieta Habben Jansen has developed a method to assess, understand and reduce the vulnerability of distribution systems on board of naval vessels at an early stage in the design process. The method can also be used in the design of complex commercial vessels. Habben Jansen has already won the Sir Donald Gosling Award.

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Maritime Designer Award
The Maritime Designer Award is intended for individual designers, PhD students, recent graduates and start-ups who want to draw attention to their work and approach. The winner will be announced on Monday 4 November during the Maritime Awards Gala. Read more here.