International exhibition Together! is coming to Delft

News - 04 December 2019 - Communication BK

Update 29 March 2021: International exhibition ‘Together!’ not coming to Delft

The international exhibition about the future of living is definitively not taking place. The exhibition had already been moved from fall 2020 to spring 2021. However, due to Corona measures, the organisation sees no possibility to host the exhibition during this period either. An alternative programme is in the making, as the theme becomes ever more topical. 
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The international exhibition Together! on the future of living in the city is coming to Delft. The exhibition responds to challenges in contemporary architecture by focussing on collectivity and demand-oriented development. TU Delft organises the exhibition together with Delft municipality, architectural firm Inbo and developer cepezedprojects, accompanied by a wide-ranging programme of public and academic events.

The exhibition Together! responds to challenges in contemporary architecture by focussing on collectivity and demand-oriented development. The exhibition was previously on show at the Vitra Museum in Weil Am Rhine - Germany, at Le Grand Hornu in Hornu – Belgium, and at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig - Germany. This iteration of the exhibiiton will be on display in ArsenaalDelft at the Korte Geer in Delft, from September until December 2020.

New challenges
Urban life in the 21st century presents us with new challenges. Affordable living, making the housing stock more sustainable, urban densification and smart use of space demand new ways of dwelling and living. The increasing social and multicultural diversity of our cities also pose a challenge to the way we live together. These challenges call for experimentation. An answer to these challenges is a change in contemporary architecture, whereby collectivity and demand-oriented development are increasingly gaining centre stage within the design process. The German Vitra Museum developed the travelling exhibition Together! The New Architecture of the Collective to show the result of this development.

Sustainable cooperation
The exhibition fits in well with the challenges and future developments ahead for the city of Delft and the region. Both Delft and the region are facing a major challenge in terms of housing, but also in terms of sustainability and mobility. The exhibition and the programming organised around it make room for a conversation about these urban questions between residents, policy makers, builders and designers. Collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment of TU Delft, developer cepezedprojects and architectural firm Inbo enables the development of the much needed knowledge to shape this conversation.

Together! also addresses the 2016 - 2026 Covenant of TU Delft and the municipality. This covenant lays the foundation for sustainable cooperation that focuses on the future-proofing of the city and the strengthening of the national and international competitive position of Delft.

Academics and public events
The exhibition will be accompanied by a wide-ranging programme of public and academic events, involving citizens, academics, students, industry leaders, practitioners and policy makers. Amongst key activities are three thematic conferences, a research seminar, workshops with citizens and practitioners, and a master class for professionals and project-initiators.

More information
For more information on the Together! project, contact project leader Darinka Czischke.

Together! is part of the development of knowledge on the current housing challenge, which is being explored from different perspectives within the faculty research initiative 1M Homes.

Vincent Gruis (BK), councilor Karin Schrederhof (Delft municipality), Menno Rubbens (cepezedprojects) and Aron Bogers (Inbo) in front of ArsenaalDelft, where the exhibition will be on display.