Open-up interstices

News - 26 September 2019 - Communications BK

The research project ‘Open-up interstices’ investigates the post-war neighbourhood Den Haag Zuidwest and has been granted funding by NWO Creative Industry KIEM. The project explores the value of existing open spaces of the neighbourhood and brings new perspectives for the undergoing urban regeneration plan. 

Interstitial green space between apartment buildings in The Hague Zuidwest. Image by Sitong Luo

‘Open-up interstices’ aims to transfer, apply, and evaluate landscape architectonic design knowledge through the investigation and conceptual design of open spaces of the Leyweg district in Den Haag Zuidwest. This area is the target of an urban regeneration plan for the upcoming years. Collaboration with the municipality of The Hague and Hebly Theunissen Architecten offers the opportunity to concretise these design approaches and opportunities for urban regeneration. 

The project consists of four phases: understanding, interpretation, design, evaluation. The goals are to provide insight in the potential of Leyweg’s existing interstitial spaces, and to evaluate and develop knowledge for future research projects.

Researchers Saskia de Wit (Urbanism), Klaske Havik and Sitong Luo (Architecture) are conducting the project. For more information, please contact Saskia de Wit.