BRIGAID Vacancy for student assistant

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BRIGAID is a 4-year EC funded project focussed on the development of methods and on providing practical support to innovators on climate disaster resilience.  Objective is that promising innovations will become operational practice faster and more effectively. For technical, societal acceptance and impact  assessment aspects a Test and Implementation Framework  has been developed . Innovations applying for practical support  from BRIGAID are shown on (www.

The BRIGAID TIF and tools have been designed to help an innovator to move his innovation forward, but also to help the end-user to define his requirements for the introduction of innovations.

Task Description
The BRIGAID TIF self-assessment tool has been implemented as an Excel sheet. This tool, including the user guidance, is to be converted into an easy to access and use web-based tool.

The product to be delivered is this web-based TIF tool with the guidance document included, and supported by a document describing the design and maintenance required.

It is estimated that this job can be completed within 1 month.

Information and Application

J.R. (Roelof) Moll
Project Manager BRIGAID
Delft University  of Technology
Dept. of Civil Engineering and Geosciences
Room 3.91

+31-15-2782969 (Tue/Wed)