Flood barrier testing in Romania

News - 22 August 2019 - Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

Multidisciplinary Project, Additional MSc thesis, or BSc project Topic. Flood Proof Romania – site assessment, testing of innovative solutions and plans for improvement (Sept–Oct 2019  (4-6 weeks) )

  • A test site for temporary flood defences has been constructed near Bucharest, Romania. It is located downstream of a dam and reservoir, which would – in theory – allow experiments with high flow velocities.
  • We are looking for students who will assess the current conditions at the site, such as groundwater leakage into the basins. Also possibilities to improve the testing site and to use the spillway for testing will be explored.
  • In addition, tests will be prepared with innovators from the Netherlands, such as Box Barrier, Tube Barrier, Green Soli Bag and Slurpzak.
  • Travel and some local lodging costs will be compensated by VPdelta, a programme under the Innovation & Impact Centre of TU Delft.
  • Period: Sept / Oct 2019,
  • Technical supervision: dr. Jeremy Bricker, Myron van Damme or Bas Jonkman
  • Contact: Jeremy Bricker - CITG J.D.Bricker@tudelft.nl