Cees Boeter Award 2019

News - 12 July 2019 - Secretariaat Sanitary Engineering

The Department of Water Management is proud to announce the winner of the Cees Boeter Award for the best BSc thesis written in the 2018-2019 academic year.

The goal of this award is to stimulate students to perform excellent, novel and societal relevant research.

As each year, the jury has been able to select three nominees from a highly competitive group of about 60 bachelor thesis students with a large variety of topics water management and environment engineering topics.  

I am proud to announce the three nominees of this year - in random order 

  • Dorette Regout
  • Pierrick Spekreijse 
  • Charlotte van Strien 

This year, the winner is the student that managed to perform accurate and precise work in the water laboratory, managed to distill useful information from the large amount of measurement data, wrote a clear and impressive report and reached relevant conclusions and recommendations for future research and design of urban water buffers. Our winner of the 2019 Cees Boeter Award is Pierrick Spekreijse!”