EFESTO wins the Energy Start-up Voucher Ideation Category of TU Delft Ideation Contest

News - 12 June 2019

The energy transition is a major challenge for society for which we are going to require multiple solutions. DEI stimulates the development of good ideas from students that can make a change for the better. Therefore we developed the Energy Startup Voucher to encourage entrepreneurship. With this voucher students can develop an idea further towards actual uptake into the market. At the TU Delft Ideation Contest DEI awarded the Energy Start-up Voucher to the best breakthrough idea within the category Energy. In competition with 4 other very good energy ideas the voucher was given to EFESTO. EFESTO is working on the production of an affordable, plug-and-play bioenergy device that produces heat and energy from sustainable biomass. Its by-product biochar is very valuable for agricultural purposes. This idea stood out from the crowd due to its unique approach, using fundamental technology from the field of aerospace engineering to provide a sustainable solution for the energy demand in rural, underdeveloped communities. Congratulations to EFESTO!

The four competing energy ideas at the TU Delft Ideation contest:
-             EFESTO https://www.tudelftcontest.nl/candidate/details/4473
-             Quantum Energy, https://www.tudelftcontest.nl/candidate/details/4749
-             REFlex, https://www.tudelftcontest.nl/candidate/details/4495
-             Roboxxy, https://www.tudelftcontest.nl/candidate/details/5606

Photographer: Roy Borghouts