Bronze medal for PhD student Francesca Grazian

News - 11 October 2019 - DCE&S

PhD student Francesa Grazian has won the third prize during the NENnovation Award ceremony. The NENnovation Award is prize for the most innovative project that aims to achieve social impact. Francesca convinced the jury with her current research focusing on power electronics for wireless charging.

By 2030, only emission-free cars will be sold new in the Netherlands. In any case, that is the aim of the Dutch goverment. With this measure, the Dutch goverment wants to work towards a smart and sustainable transport system. With that in mind, Francesca's research is particularly relevant. It is concerned with charging electric vehicles via wireless power transfer. An important step in the desire of a smarter and more sustainable transport system. And thus a major step in the energy transition. Something that the jury was also convinced of.

Since the start of World Standards Day, the NENnovation Awards has seen a number of great winning project. During the NENnovation competition, the jury members are trying to answer the following quesstions: what is the technology? What is the economic aspect? How does it help in society? and: what is the sustainable aspect?