Pavol Bauer in new BNR podcast

News - 22 February 2019 - DCE&S

The e-bike has become an integral part of our everyday life, but how do charging systems take us one step further? In BNR Techniektour, a brand new podcast for everyone who loves technology, Prof. Dr. Pavol Bauer (EWI) talks about the latest developments around the solar-powered wireless charging station. What steps has the Electrical Sustainable Energy department taken recently? And is the wireless charging system, developed by Bauer and his team, also applicable to other vehicles? Just a few questions that will be discussed during the episode 'De techniek achter de elektrische fiets'.

The wireless charging station that will be discussed is located next to the faculty (building 36, Mekelweg 4) and was first put into use in October 2016. It offers space to four electric bicycles, an electric scooter and a research bicycle. The charging station is part of a Living Lab, a testing ground for further research. According to Prof. Dr. Bauer, important steps have been taken since its commissioning. ‘The bicycles are now charged directly from the solar panels,’ he told BNR. ‘This is done via direct current and not only increases efficiency, but also flexibility.’ As a user, you are no longer dependent on the electricity grid.

In BNR's new weekly podcast, journalist Thomas Schuurman investigates the impact of technology on our society and how it contributes to sustainability objectives. Every episode Schuurman goes in search of technical challenges and masterpieces. In episode three, Prof. Dr. Pavol Bauer shares his thoughts. From minute 24.15 the listener will be updated on the latest ins and outs in the field of charging systems. In the coming period, the department of Pavol Bauer will further develop the possibilities for electric cars in addition to wireless charging for various bicycles. The team is also working hard on the refinement of the so-called quick charger: a system that allows electric cars to be charged directly and quickly via solar power. 

Listen to the BNR podcast via this link. Please note: the interview is only in Dutch.

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