TU Delft | Global Initiative Prototype competition

News - 30 September 2019

Call for applications: Are you researching or developing solutions for global challenges in low and middle-income countries at TU Delft? And would you like to upgrade your current proof-of-concept to a more mature prototype?

Enter the TU Delft | Global Initiative Prototype Competition and win €10.000, €5.000 or €3.000!

The award ceremony will take place on the 26th of November during TU Delft | Global Initiative’s “Impact Day”. Three finalists will be selected by the jury and they will be invited to pitch their idea during Impact Day. The audience will select the first, second and third prize winner. The budget can be used to build a prototype.

Creating an appealing prototype is one of the crucial milestones on the road to societal impact.


TU Delft | Global Initiative aims to contribute to solving Global Societal Challenges with new – science-based – technologies and concepts. We typically start with a thorough context and/or need analysis and then co-create solutions together with local actors. After testing and validating the first prototypes in the lab and in the real context, typically the patents or know-how are transferred to a company so that the new solutions can be spread throughout the world.
In this process it is often difficult to fund the creation of a prototype that can be tested in the field. Yet, having the first prototype is essential to interest potential (industrial) collaborators and funders for follow-up activities.

Impact Criteria

The jury will select three candidates based on impact potential in addressing challenges of low- and middle-income countries, based on the following criteria:

  • What outcomes does the technology / concept pursue? What change is aimed for?
  • How much effect is foreseen?
  • Who will be affected? Target groups and number of people?
  • How likely is the chance of real scalable impact?
  • What will the effect be of this prototype in this phase?

The jury will be a mix of people from TU Delft | Global Initiative and Delft-based companies.

This prototype competition has been made possible by generous donations to TU Delft | Global Initiative. We will be make the prizes available via a TU Delft Baancode to the winners and the complete budget is to be spent on realizing the prototypes.

Deadline - 4 November 2019, 12.00h

Applicants will be informed by the 15th of November, whether they are selected as one of the Top 3 candidates, so that they will be able to prepare a 1 minute pitch for during Impact Day. TU Delft | Global Initiative will support candidates in preparing their pitch.

Who can apply?

  • Applicants:
    • Are doing a (MSc) research project at TU Delft at least until April 30, 2020.
    • Do not have a tenured position: we aim for junior researchers or MSc students for this competition.

How to apply?

Send your application (max 2 pages A4, PDF) to delftglobal@tudelft.nl, with in the subject line ‘Prototype Competition + Name of the applicant’ and answers to the above-mentioned impact criteria.

The TU Delft | Global Initiative Prototype Competition is sponsored by the Companies from Delft.

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