Flying-V offers new opportunities to improve passenger experience

News - 05 June 2019 - Communication

The news of the KLM and TU Delft cooperation to develop the Flying-V aircraft to make aviation more sustainable travelled around the globe. KLM President Pieter Elbers and Dean of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering Henri Werij signed the cooperative agreement at the IATA Annual General Meeting in Seoul. The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering takes part in this exciting project.

Peter Vink and his team embrace the unique opportunity to improve passenger experience in aircrafts, from the seating lay-out in the wings, to the design of the chairs and bathrooms. Everything has to be as light as possible, in order to maximise the efficiency gain the new airplane shape provides. Peter Vink; “The new shape of the aircraft means we have exciting opportunities to design the interior, making flying more comfortable for passengers. For instance, as part of the Flying-V research, we’re looking into new options to having a rest or taking meals on a plane.”

A model of the Flying-V is under development and will be shown at the KLM experience days at Schiphol, 3-13 October 2019.