IDE alumni and student in ‘Sustainable Young 100’ 2019

News - 13 June 2019 - Communication

Various IDE alumni and a student are listed in the Dutch Sustainable Youth 100 (Duurzame Jonge 100) of 2019, an overview of the 100 most inspiring young trend setters in the field of sustainability.

The IDE alumni and student are alumnus Wouter Kommer (co-founder KarTent), alumnus Laurens van Dort (Kleurbaas fairf en Co-Founder & Operationeel Manager Mommy Paint), alumnus Mathijs ter Kuile (founder van Litta) en alumnus Ceriel Lucker en student Tom Gudde (co-founders Clocworks).

The Sustainable Young 100 is an initiative of SustainableMotion and gives an overview of young entrepreneurs, young professionals and students who demonstrate that a sustainable future is possible. These trend setters are a source of inspiration for each other and for the established order. Every year, anyone under the age of 32 can sign up or nominate others. Then a jury of 10 members will choose the 100 most inspiring young trend setters.

  • Click here for more information about the 100 most sustainable young trend setters in the Netherlands (in Dutch)
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