Dasha Simons IDE nominee for TU Delft Best Graduate Award 2019

News - 23 October 2019 - Communication


Each academic year the Delft University Fund awards the prize for the Best Graduate of TU Delft. Each faculty is asked to nominate their best graduate. Dasha Simons has been nominated by IDE’s faculty this year. The final announcement of the winner is on Tuesday 12 November.

Dasha completed her master’s degree in Strategic Product Design. In her thesis ‘Design for fairness in AI’ Dasha explored and created ways to support AI (artificial intelligence) teams in the development of fairer AI by design. These are underpinned by extensive theoretical and field research. She combined critical and strategic design methodologies to create a theoretical framework. This served as input for designing an organisational role with an accompanying toolset for ethical AI support processes. The results were successfully tested with IBM and their clients. When implemented (successfully), the design may have a virtuous and global impact.

TU Delft Best Graduate 2019 Award Ceremony

The Best Graduate Awards will be presented during the TU Delft Best Graduate Award Ceremony on Tuesday 12 November (16:00) in TU Delft’s Aula. The eight best graduates will give a short presentation on their thesis during the ceremony. All eight graduates will receive the Best Graduate Medal and Certificate of Excellence, and an amount of € 1,000. The winner will receive an additional € 2,500. You are welcome to join the ceremony.