Open Science Strategic plan 2020-2024 in the making

News - 25 April 2019

The digital explosion has pushed the boundaries of what science can achieve. In order to capitalise on the vast intellectual resources created, and to stimulate knowledge exchange inside and outside academia, there is a pressing need to improve access to research output and educational resources. Open Science tackles all areas where restrictions limit the flow of academic knowledge: it proposes new approaches to research, education and innovation, underpinned by a greater focus on sharing and engagement.

The TU Delft has a long and rich Open Science history with a whole range of Open Access and Open Education initiatives mainly developed by the TU Delft Library and Education & Student Affairs. For the further development of Open Science – in all its complexity – the involvement of researchers and teachers, as well as the support staff of various directorates is of great importance. "As part of our ambition to create impact for a better society, we need to continue our open science endeavours and I am pleased that we will do so with a strong and dedicated programme team,” says Rob Mudde, Vice Rector Magnificus, and portfolio holder Open Science in the Executive Board.

Strategic Plan Open Science 2020-2024
The Executive Board has now assigned a Steering Committee Open Science with the task to develop a ‘Strategic Plan Open Science 2020-2024’ by September 2019, in order to implement the ‘open’ ambitions of the TU Delft Strategic Framework 2018-2024, in order to comply with (inter)national policies and funding requirements, and to anticipate future developments.

The Steering Committee is requested to develop three scenarios for each of the following five project lines: Open Access; Open Publishing; FAIR Data; Open Software and Open Education. Preconditions for successful implementation and therefore important themes cross-cutting these project lines are ‘Rewards & Recognition’, ‘Intellectual Property & Transparent working with Industry’, and ‘Skills’. They will also explore whether and how Citizen Science should be incorporated in the Strategic Plan Open Science.

The Steering Committee will be supported by a Programme Team, and act in close collaboration with liaisons to faculties and many services (including Education and Student Affairs, ICT, Strategic Development, HR, Legal Services, Valorisation Centre, Communications).