Pilot Open Access: You share, we take care

News - 19 March 2019

The Netherlands aspires to achieve 100% open access by 2020, making publicly funded research accessible to all. Earlier this year, TU Delft and other universities launched the ‘You share, we take care’ pilot to boost efforts in this regard.

The aim of this pilot is to make publisher’s versions of short academic publications available in the TU Delft Repository six months after publication, aided by a change to the Dutch Copyright Act made in 2015 (Article 25fa, also known as the Taverne amendment). It goes without saying that academic articles will only be published in mutual agreement with the researcher. 

Leading by example, the Rectores Magnifici of the Dutch universities will soon offer free online access to their most recent academic articles.  Our Rector Magnificus/Chairman of the Executive Board has already published six of his most recent articles in the TU Delft Repository.  

If you are a TU Delft researcher who is interested in participating, these are the conditions for participation:

  • The TU Delft Library offers access to the publications under the following conditions:
  • The publication is partly or wholly funded by Dutch public funds.
  • At least one author is/was employed at TU Delft. Authors can be both corresponding or co-authors.
  • It must pertain to a short academic work; the length of an academic article or a chapter in a book.

The Faculties of Industrial Design Engineering, Architecture and the Built Environment and Civil Engineering & Geosciences have been selected for the pilot. The selection was made based on a national benchmark. Researchers working in these faculties will be invited to participate. Researchers working in other faculties can contact Just de Leeuwe (TU Delft Library) for more information on how to participate.   

TU Delft Repository
Participating researchers sign an agreement stating that TU Delft will share their publisher’s version in the TU Delft Repository. The TU Delft Library will confirm the conditions with researchers and offer any additional information required to add the publication to the TU Delft Repository. The Library will subsequently add the short academic work to the TU Delft Repository. The work can then be shared with other academics and the general public all around the world. If researchers receive questions regarding the publication, for instance from the publisher, TU Delft immediately assumes responsibility for all further communications. 

The six-month pilot launched in February 2019. The results of the pilot will subsequently be assessed. The published articles will remain open access. More than 150 articles have already been added to the TU Delft Repository. 

For more information and contact
More background information and Q&As are available on the You share, we take care page.
TU Delft contact person: Just de Leeuwe, TU Delft Library, Research Support.