TU Delft publishes great open access figures

News - 15 May 2019

One of the elements of Open Science is the Dutch aspiration to maximize the number of open access publications, making publicly funded research accessible to all. TU Delft has just released its latest open access figures: 63% of all peer-reviewed articles published by TU Delft authors in 2018 were published open access. The intended 2018 goal  of 60% has been successfully achieved and exceeded, a great achievement.

Earlier this year, TU Delft and other universities launched the ‘You share, we take care’ pilot to boost efforts in this regard. The aim of this pilot is to make publisher’s versions of short academic publications available in the TU Delft Repository six months after publication. Read more, if you are a TU Delft researcher who is interested in participating. As a result of the pilot, 300+ articles have been made available via TU Delft Repository, including a number of articles of Rector Magnificus Tim van der Hagen.

Thanks to the commitment and cooperation of all involved, open access is increasingly becoming the norm for publishing at TU Delft. Not only with respect to research output but also where it concerns education, look at the TU Delft Open Textbooks initiative for example. 

The TU Delft Executive Board has recently assigned a Steering Committee Open Science with the task to develop a ‘Strategic Plan Open Science 2020-2024’ by September 2019, in order to implement the ‘open’ ambitions of the TU Delft Strategic Framework 2018-2024. Read more