Larmor TU Delft NWO project celebration

News - 06 September 2019 - Communication TNW

On Wednesday 29 August, the official closing of the special NWO Large project Larmor of TU Delft and ISIS took place in the neutron facility ISIS. Larmor is the result of a long and intensive collaboration with the neutron facility ISIS (near Oxford, UK). The specific knowledge of the Radiation, Science & Technology department played an important role. During the last decades <link tnw over-faculteit afdelingen radiation-science-technology neutron-positron-methods-for-materials>The Neutron & Positron Methods for Material section has developed several measurement methods, based on the manipulation of neutron spins, which can determine the structure of materials with a much higher accuracy than the standard neutron measurement methods.

Research into structures of materials

Larmor is an instrument that is unique in the world in terms of accuracy and diversity of possibilities for measuring the most diverse structures of materials. Measurements on Larmor vary from research on milk, human skin structure, stronger steels for cars, drug delivery systems, magnetic structures such as skyrmions and even fundamental physics.

Project celebration

The project, financed by NWO (with the first users in 2015), already started in 2012. It ended with a mini symposium and a festive opening of the facility by Lucas van Vliet, dean Applied Sciences and Bert Wolterbeek, director of the Reactor Institute at TU Delft. Dutch users presented their measurements at Larmor in the presence of an NWO delegation and English colleagues.

Photo credits: STFC

Measurement time available

The Larmor project took place in collaboration with TU Delft, RUG and TU/e. For this contribution, 30 measurement days are available at Larmor for researchers in the Netherlands for a period of 10 years (until 2025).