Teachers of the Year of AS announced

News - 04 July 2019 - Communication TNW

During the Science Day of the Faculty of Applied Sciences, on Thursday 27 June, Dean Lucas van Vliet announced the Teachers of the Year for 2019. The winners are: Martin Bruggink (Teacher Training SEC), Pascale Daran-Lapujade (LST), Ferdinand Grozema (MST and CE), Timon Idema (NB) and Gary Steele (TN/AP).  

Timon Idema was not only named Teacher of the Year of the Nanobiology programme, but also Teacher of the Year of the entire faculty. He will represent the Faculty of Applied Sciences at TU Delft’s upcoming Best Teacher of the Year election.

Below is a short description of the Teachers of the Year 2019:

Martin Bruggink (Teacher Training SEC):
Martin is a computer science specialist and is responsible for, among other things, the Didactic Skills course. In this course, students learn to teach, as well as the first principles of keeping order. Martin is a valued teacher and focuses strongly on the learning process of his students and their pupils. He is driven to continuously improve his education and also contributes to the programme and the department in the broad sense. He is also a member of the programme committee and of the Innovation Team, which works on renewing the curriculum together with the programme director. In this new curriculum, Martin is the supervisor of a professional learning community in the field of beta didactics, indicating that this teacher is also very good at looking beyond the boundaries of his own subject.

Pascale Daran-Lapujade (LST):
Pascale Daran-Lapujade teaches in both the bachelor and the master degree programme of Life Science & Technology. She teaches the practical course Biotechnology Basic Techniques as well as Metabolic Reprogramming. She is also a member of the exam committee of the LST master's programme. Pascale is a dedicated teacher who, in her highly interactive course based on analysis of scientific literature, teaches students to critically read scientific articles and discuss their contents with peers in a structured manner. This student-centred approach is highly valued by all students

Ferdinand Grozema (MST/CE)
Ferdinand Grozema was elected as Teacher of the Year for Chemical Enigineering for his exceptional dedication and contributions to promoting the literacy of students; Literacy in the broad sense, not only restricted to writing skills in a natural language but especially for teaching and promoting of scientific argumentation. Grozema exposes the students to numerical methods as well as the beauty and the power of computational chemistry.

Timon Idema (NB):

Timon is a dedicated and prolific teacher both in the classroom and supervision of research projects (BEP, MEP) in the Nanobiology program. In the 2018-19 academic year he has taught and helped develop a large number of courses, such as Quantum Mechanics for Nanobiology 1 & 2 and Geometry of Physics. He is a very popular BEP/MEP supervisor and takes great care that his end project students get excellent training. Timon is praised for his clear explanations of difficult material, his dedication to helping students learn, creating challenging but effective practice material and friendly interactions with students outside class. Timon Idema is very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and well prepared.

Gary Steele (TN):
Gary Steele teaches courses on quantum mechanics and on nanotechnology, and has recently started teaching programming and computational science. He is also setting up a new course on quantum sensing for the minor Quantum Science and Quantum Information. His efforts in setting up the entire new course material for computational science is highly praised by the students. If one word characterizes his teaching, it is: enthusiasm. Contagious enthusiasm. Students find him to be clear, funny, friendly and sympathetic. His lectures have a clear structure, and he uses many examples from his research to illustrate the theory. He involves students by giving them questions which challenge them to think about the material presented.