TU Delft and ING in AI for FinTech Lab

News - 21 March 2019 - Communication

TU Delft and ING are to pool their knowledge and expertise in the area of artificial intelligence in the financial sector in the AI for FinTech Lab (AFL), as they announced on Thursday, 21 March at the Conferentie Nederland Digitaal in Hilversum. The aim of the AFL partnership is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of data and software analysis using artificial intelligence technology.

TU Delft and ING have a long history of collaboration on software research and development. At the new AI for FinTech Lab researchers and students from TU Delft will carry out research into the development of software for the financial sector, including autonomous software and systems for data analysis and data integration. To this partnership ING contributes its indispensable IT infrastructure, its ambitious organisational structure for software development, and its leading position in the area of data fluency and analytics delivery.

Arie van Deursen, Professor of Software Engineering at TU Delft and Scientific Director of the AI for FinTech Lab explains: ‘The AI for FinTech Lab is the next logical step for TU Delft in our partnership with ING. It gives us the opportunity to develop new theories, methods and tools in the area of artificial intelligence, and to attract and retain new talent. We expect the AFL partnership to produce not only ground-breaking theories but also validated solutions that can enjoy widespread use.’

Görkem Köseoğlu, Chief Analytics Officer at ING Group adds: ‘Using customer data offers great opportunities to develop better services, but they need to be developed with care. Customers set great store by their data, and we at ING are very keen for our customers to trust us. The partnership with TU Delft is therefore very important in achieving both these goals.’

AFL will be bi-located at the ING campus Amsterdam and the TU Delft campus in Delft, bringing together students, engineers, researchers, professors, and enterpreneurs from both organisation at both locations.

AI for FinTech Lab and ICAI
The AI for FinTech Lab (AFL) is part of the ICAI – the Innovation Center for Artificial Intelligence, a national network to promote the development of technology and talent in the area of Artificial Intelligence among knowledge institutions, industry and government. The ICAI’s innovation strategy is organised around industry labs – research labs that engage in long-term strategic partnerships with industry. This will enable the AFL to exchange knowledge and expertise even more effectively with other ICAI partners such as Elsevier, Qualcomm, Bosch, Ahold Delhaize and the Dutch National Police.

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