TU Delft in 67th place in THE Rankings

News - 11 September 2019 - Communication

In the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings, TU Delft has dropped nine places from last year and now shares 67th place. Since 2014, TU Delft's position in the rankings has fluctuated between 71 and 58.

Position compared to other universities
Having risen in the rankings over the last two years, TU Delft has now dropped to the position it held in 2016. “A disappointment”, says TU Delft Rector Magnificus/President of the Executive Board Tim van der Hagen. “Rankings do always fluctuate and we can still be proud of our high position among the world's top universities. But now we are seeing a drop in the rankings for several Dutch universities, we have to ask ourselves if this is a consequence of the lack of government funding for university education. University rankings show how you stand in relation to each other. Elsewhere in the world, there is strong investment in higher education and research.”

Leading ranking list
Alongside the Shanghai and QS rankings, the list published by Times Higher Education is one of the leading international university rankings. Each of the three rankings is composed differently and has its own advantages and limitations, but high ratings in leading rankings are important for attracting top international talent. University rankings are often consulted by international students and academics who want to study or work abroad. Van der Hagen: “In order to conduct research and teach at a high level, we must be able to continue to attract talent from the Netherlands and abroad. TU Delft maintains a strong position, but if this lower position signals a trend, we should be concerned.”

Almost 1400 universities
The Times Higher Education ranking has been published since 2010. Since then, TU Delft has climbed from 151st place (2010), via 58th place last year, to 67th place this year. The latest THE ranking compared 1396 universities from around the world.

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