TU Delft tops new global MOOC rankings

News - 28 November 2019 - Communication

TU Delft has topped the latest World University Rankings Based On MOOC Performance (WURMP). The new rankings examine the performance of universities based on five criteria:

- The number of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) provided by a university. TU Delft offers 94 MOOCs.
-  The number of learning pathways, series of several MOOCs offering participants more comprehensive insight into a subject. TU Delft has 10 learning pathways.
- The number of micro-credentials, a certificate that participants can obtain if they successfully complete several connected MOOCs. TU Delft has nine.
- The number of programmes in which a BSc or MSc diploma can be obtained via MOOCs. There are no such programmes at TU Delft.
- The position of the university in the world rankings of THE, QS and ARWU.

Affordable and accessible
70 million people around the world take MOOCs, free online courses, on one of the three main MOOC platforms: Coursera, edX and FutureLearn. The rankings include 200 universities from 20 countries.
The new rankings are an initiative of MoocLab, and are designed to offer MOOC participants information about how the online courses are performing. MoocLab is a website that supports online learners and promotes high-quality online education that is affordable and accessible to all.

Nearly 100 TU Delft MOOCs
People from all around the world take the 94 MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) offered by TU Delft. The university recently recorded its 2,500,000th registration. Each year, TU Delft develops a number of new online courses. The existing courses are repeated once or twice a year, and students are also able to take the courses at their own pace. 
Through the online courses, TU Delft is keen to share knowledge with the entire world. The courses cover a variety of subjects, and range from Scratch – a MOOC on programming for schoolchildren – to a course on electric cars, a refresher maths course and a MOOC on quantum cryptography.

More information
Read more about the rankings and the methodology here.
Find out more about online education at TU Delft here.