Jenny Dankelman is Professor of Excellence 2019

News - 04 July 2019

On Thursday 4 July, Jenny Dankelman, Professor of Minimally Invasive Surgery and Intervention Techniques at the Faculty of Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE), was informed by Delft University Fund that she will receive the prestigious Professor of Excellence Award 2019. Dankelman received this award for, among other things, her research methods in the field of innovative medical instruments for minimally invasive surgery and for the engaged and stimulating way in which she supervises students.

I am incredibly honoured. This award transcends even my biggest dreams. I will make good use of the sabbatical that comes with this award. I will put the awarded sabbatical to good use: There are so many places in the world where people lack access to good healthcare and surgery and I am going to try to help these people.

Jenny Dankelman

Professor Dankelman was nominated by Prof.dr. Theun Baller, Dean of the Faculty 3mE, dispuut Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, study association Gezelschap Leeghwater, PhD students and other external parties such as Leiden University Medical Center with whom she closely cooperates.

Theun Baller, Dean Faculty 3mE
"With her research, focused on the development of innovative medical instruments that make it possible to perform surgical procedures with minimal damage to healthy tissue, Jenny has been particularly active in bringing clinicians and engineers together."

Job Schouten, president study association Gezelschap Leeghwater
Professor Dankelman supervises many graduates and PhDs for their graduation assignment or research. Graduates see her as a very committed and engaged supervisor, asks triggering questions and gives you new insights or just that extra push you need

Best of TU Delft
Delft University Fund has awarded its prestigious Professor of Excellence Award (in Dutch: Leermeesterprijs) since 1994. A Professor of Excellence is someone who excels in both research and education, and who knows how to inspire and motivate the next generation of Delft engineers. Recipients of the award are reckoned among the top of TU Delft.  Professors of Excellence are not elected on the basis of yield figures or impact scores, nor are they selected top-down. You can only receive this honorary title on the recommendation of your colleagues and your students, who consider you to be their ‘Leermeester’.

Award Ceremony
The official award ceremony will take place on 2 September at 11:00hrs in the Senaatszaal of the TU Delft Aula Congress Center. Dankelman will be the 26th recipient of this prestigious award. The ceremony precedes the Opening of the Academic Year 2019-2020. Everyone is welcome to attend the ceremony. Registration via